Thursday, April 1, 2021


Today, April ONE, it's weird calling it that but I just want you to go with it regardless, I have ONE card to show off. Just ONE.
That ONE card is a 1984 Topps Glossy All-Stars Dave Winfield that I have ONE copy of. I also have ONE full set as well. Why did I choose this ONE card from the set? He is the ONE and only NY Yankee from that set....surprisingly. Can you imagine Topps only putting ONE Yankee in a set today? I heard you all laughing as we all know, it's not happening.

Now more on Winfield. He played for more than ONE team, was a ONE time World Series champion and ONE time NL RBI leader. Also, his jersey number for his time with the Yankees, thirty-ONE.

If that's not enough, Winfield retired in 1996 and guess what, was voted into the Hall Of Fame in 2000 got it..ONE. The same year the Padres retired his jersey number... again thirty-ONE.

I think by now you guys are tired of seeing the number ONE. I know this ONE blogger has. Okay, that wasn't supposed to come out that way. It was the ONE and final time I promise. 

I better stop now

Have a great April Fools Day and don't be fooled.