Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Breakin' Wax: 2021 Donruss Football Mega Box (decent break)

It's so hard finding good cards in retail still. Yes, I have found cards on the shelf, but Topps Update, Topps Heritage, WWE stuff, WNBA, Wild Card, are not products of interest.

But, never find good football or basketball cards on the shelf. They sell out and I just simply don't time it right.

However, I did time this one right. I showed up to Walgreens and BOOM, there sat four boxes of 2021 Donruss football Megas. I wanted all four, but not at $50 a pop. First of all, it was close to Christmas when I found this and I had already drained a lot of funds and I never would spend that much to begin with.

So, I grabbed one and called it good. (after some pleading with the Mrs to do so too)
Every Mega Box comes with an autograph. I was hoping for a top veteran auto or something for my Giants PC.

Slayton Bronze for my PC.

Retro Series

Throwback design

My Rated Rookies that consisted of about nobody (well the Patriots running back wasn't too bad but wasn't also the Patriots QB)

Some shiny!!

And then, some Pink Optic. The outside of the box said that they were rare, but I got one in every pack. I also couldn't find out info on these to see if they were actually rare or if they are one per pack.

But either way, I landed the top pick and a Toney for the PC!

And now the autograph unveil....
Shawne Merriman Signature Marks autograph.

Overall I am not going to complain about this box break. It may have been my best retail break of 2021 other than the Allen Ginter Judge auto I landed.

Your thoughts on my break are welcomed below!


  1. Not a bad pull for the auto. Thanks for showing off the cards!

  2. Wasn't a fan of 1991 Donruss baseball... but for some reason I like the look of that Metcalf. Congratulations on pulling the Merriman auto. That guy terrorized QB's.