Monday, January 17, 2022

I Am Slow

Trevor over at Bump and Run Football Card Blog recently did a trade with me and I am soooooooooooooo slow that its taken me forever to return cards to him

Part of the problem was, family was up around the holidays. Second part was not having access to my card area because of Christmas presents being stored in there. The third reason, well, I haven't had time to dig out the cards in return as I tucked them away a couple of months ago in a box.

Hopefully by the time this publishes, Trevor will have his cards or they will be on the way at the very least.

As for my return, I got what I traded for and a few surprises.

Bonus surprises Trevor sent.

And two new Toneys for my PC he sent.

Thanks again to Trevor for our trade, now to get my butt going and get your stuff out. The sad thing is, you're not alone in this. You're on a list I have of mailings that need to be done. I actually apologize to everyone who is waiting on me. I will get it out!!

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