Thursday, January 6, 2022

Breakin' Wax:2021 Prizm Draft Football Hanger Box

2021 was much better for me when it came to opening up wax. I was able to find some, trade for some, etc when I had that itch. It may not have always something I was dying to open, but it was something and I will take that over the nothing that was 2020.

I don't have the picture of the box I opened today, but I do have the most important parts, the contents.

Some of the rookies I found.

And two surprise rookies as well. I must have opened up a few of these hangers/blaster/packs and never once pulled either of these guys. Then I find both right in this break. I won't complain.

I think these are called Green Waves. Pretty cool looking regardless of name.

And my break ends with some green parallels.

Nothing overly exciting to brag about. I do like the Fields and Lawrence adds to the rookie PC, but other than that, not much here for me.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday and I welcome your thoughts on this break below!!

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