Thursday, January 27, 2022

Oren Sends A Variety

My latest mail day from Oren arrived a while ago, but I am just getting to posting it. That's how far buried I am in posts on here as we creep towards February where I am hoping to finally get caught up.

But first, let's tackle my latest Oren mail day that features a variety from a variety of PC's.

Playbook die cut Title Quest of Drew Bledsoe

Pacific Saved By The Bell Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. Great card, may need to chase down more.

Time Capsule CD from Powerdeck

Ultra relic of Corey Dillion, who is a side PC.

Ulf Samuelsson Crunch Crew, recently these early 90's subsets have really grown on me

Mickey Mantle...reprint insert from something.

And finally, some Masters Of The Universes cards. These are quite unique and nothing I have seen before. I used to love watching the show but don't remember anything about it other than He-Man and Skeletor. Which I will also toss out there if any of you have the Battle Damage He-Man or Skeletor, I would trade cards for those.

Thoughts on my mail day are welcomed in comments.

Thanks again to Oren for another awesome mail day and I am looking forward to our next trade!

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