Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Grady Chronicles:Mosaic Soccer

We dive right in today to another part in my reader Grady M box showoff.

And when I say box, it's a heavy back breaking box filled with inserts, team cards, let's say about a medium flat rate size full of treasures. 

The treasures within cover a multitude of sports including the main four, WWE and even today's sport, soccer.

I don't know many soccer players at all as it's not a sport I watch, but once again, it is a sport I will take cards of regardless.

Especially shiny ones.

Today's shiny ones are brought to you by Mosaic.

Silver Mosaic


Every time I see a pink card, I think maybe, just maybe I should do a daily post like Collecting Cutch in October.

Some other form of silver. I am terrible at these parallels.

Silver again

I tried my best to capture these shiny goods without using my lightbox, guess maybe next time I should.

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