Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Grady Chronicles:Prizm Shines!

Well, here we are again. As I said in the last post from this series, we continue to unravel more shiny cards from the big box of goodies.

I know many baseball card collectors refuse to like Panini and their baseball products all because of logo issues. I say, you're missing out and your loss is the rest of ours gain.

Prizm baseball is just as good as Topps Chrome.
The silvers really stand out and maybe more so than the Topps Chrome versions.

Lots of Red,White, Blues.

And some purples I believe.

One of the things I think that separates Topps Chrome base and Prizms is the additions of legends. I like pulling shiny cards of Puckett, Carew and even my boy Ken Griffey Jr which you will see later on in my Grady Chronicles series.

More fun to come from this mail day and that includes some WWE, NASCAR, more baseball, football, Yankees and Ken Griffey Jr.

Hope you are enjoying the ride.

Thoughts on Panini Prizm vs Topps Chrome welcomed in comments.

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