Saturday, January 8, 2022

Holy RAKMacatoney!

Each Monday on Twitter, I run a RAK thread, where you list off what you collect and hope that someone responds to you that they have something for you. If you do get that reply, you must find someone to give to. It's a pretty solid system, though sometimes I see it only as a one-sided RAK. Which I try to correct those who take advantage of it being just that.

I was happy to see a new person join in on the fun and was lucky to be one of the chosen ones by @yefnob1326.

At first was really busy and forgot to mail out, but then, he wanted to make sure it was worth the wait when he did and it certainly was.

I was searching for some Mac Jones cards to add to my rookie PC and he surprised me with a nice relic card of him.

The relic is from 2021 Elements.

Then on top of that, he hit me up with some Kadarius Toney!
A Supercharged Toney relic

And then a huge surprise with a Toney autograph. This is my first Toney Giants uniform autograph.

Big thanks goes out to @yefnob1326 for this spectacular mail day.

Anyone on here ever join in on my RAK Mondays on Twitter?


  1. Haven't been able to get myself into twitter. But maybe it's worth it!

  2. I'm not very active on Twitter... but cool idea.

  3. You already know how I feel about these kind of things, so no need to rehash it again.