Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Tradin' With Tim

As I posted awhile back, I am buried in mail days and needing to take about a million pictures. Someday I will get there, if it's only a few pictures at a time.

Today's is one of the oldest mail days I have been sitting on to show off and it's from my buddy Tim, aka, @CardpocalypseNC.

We recently pulled off a trade, well, somewhat (more on that soon) and he sent his end to me first. As for his end, I have no idea what he wants quiet yet but being the great guy he is, he is patient on his return.

For now, I will show off my end of the trade. 
Obi Toppin Rookie from Hoops.

Quickley yellow parallel from Absolute Memorabilia

Some Gmen!

Outstanding Giants sticker.

Metal Universe!! I will take all I can get.....

Especially when they are this cool!

Tim has always been great about set help chasing for me and once again helped this time with my 1995 Ultra Gold Medallion chase,

This was help for the second series. I am also chasing the first series.

A couple new Griffeys, of course I chase Griffeys with eye appeal first.

Anna K cards. Can't complain about these.

Megan Rapinoe. I didn't land her in my box break, so Tim passed one of his dupes along.

I have another card to show off, but that will wait for another day, another....blog?

Thanks again Tim for the trade and I am looking forward to the next one.

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