Saturday, January 29, 2022

The Grady Chronicles: No Judging

A couple of months ago, I finally decided that it was time to move on from my Aaron Judge PC and did so by trading all but five cards away.

Fast forward to today, I sometimes question why I did so.

I started collecting Judge back in 2017 when he came out of nowhere and I grew a 200 card PC or so with 4 autographs as well. But, decided it was time to move on as my interest in baseball cards has become less and less.

But, my recent mail day from blog reader Grady M, has sparked my interest again.....some.

Beautiful Mosaic parallels

And a nice mix of base and inserts.

I also found other Judges in the boxes but for some reason, my photos didn't upload. I hate when that happens.

I am not sure how long my interest in Judge will last for, but for now it's there and I am looking to rebuild my PC.

Now I pass it onto you, have you ever let a PC player go and then regret it afterwards? Post it in comments!

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