Friday, January 7, 2022

Dinosaurs And Dino Roars

I was fortunate enough before Christmas to receive a couple of RAK's from a couple of Twitter hobby members. The first I will show off today followed by the next that I will show off tomorrow.

Today's RAK was from my long time Twitter friend @JGfan24ever.

Lenticular Dinosaur cards. Both a 90's feel and dinosaurs which I have always enjoyed.

Canvas feeling Dinosaur minis.

TTM or In-Person autos? I really like all three of them.

90's insert in Marino, need to see if it's a need for my set chase and a Gleyber Torres for my player collection.

An assortment of non sport cards.

Jasson Dominguez!!!! What a shiny, fun, new PC piece! I didn't have this one for my Dominguez PC.

And to finish it up, an Aaron Judge Ornament from the 2021 Topps Holiday. I really liked the look of these this year. Put last years to shame with the foil. This may be a set chase down the road.

Thanks again to Michael for the mail day. I really need to send you a return thank you at some point.

Thoughts on my mail day and the cards are welcomed below!

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