Thursday, January 13, 2022

More Toney!

The Giants season never quite panned out nor did their first round stud WR. But, we saw some really big flashes from Kadarius Toney when he was on the field healthy.

So, right now the way I look at it, it's a great time to load up on him while things are cheap. Cheap can be from buying them or by trading for them.

Here are six I picked up in a trade with Nekbone on Twitter who also threw in 

this one. I love the gold shine on this card.

Up next, the top card I wanted of Toney,
That originally was found for $20 and I found for $3. I just love the color scheme.

My buddy Brent landed me this Rookie Sweater of Toney. The first time a Giant was featured in this set.

I hope to add some more Toneys as I go on but more importantly, I hope the Giants can find a way to right the ship. Football is the only sport I truly watch and enjoy and having to go through this sewage every year is so frustrating!!

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