Monday, January 3, 2022

2 Million

This has been a long-awaited post since this happened on December 27th, but I am happy to announce that Sport Card Collectors hit the 2 million view mark.
I didn't quite capture the exact moment it hit, but I kept track that day because I knew it was close and this was as close as I got to capturing it.

Thank you to everyone who comes on here to check out my gibberish, especially the ones who stayed on board with the rollercoaster of a blog I have put up the last few years. I hope to continue to only post good content.

Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. That's awesome! I'll probably reach that milestone in 2000 years, LOL.

  2. Good content is something that we all strive for.

    1. Yes, but my better content is not here by far