Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Breakin' Wax:2021 Prizm WNBA

As I expected, cards at Christmas time were not plentiful. I actually wouldn't have had much to open at all in that aspect if it wasn't for hobby friends, I did many trades within December.

However, my Christmas wasn't completely empty handed on cardboard. I had to make a list for my mother-in-law of things I was interested in for Christmas. I had a feeling finding cards wouldn't be easy so I tried to not only focus on what I wanted the most.

So, on Christmas morning other than getting together for breakfast, she also brought out a gift bag full of stuff. It had the usual candy (which I am taking it very slow on with my recent diabetes news), a couple of kitchen items she felt I needed, 20 stamps (pwe time!) and then a blaster box of cards. I must say before showing off what I got that I didn't specify what sports I collected and just put down any sport in hopes some would be found.

And to my luck there was. It was in the form of a 2021 WNBA Prizm blaster box that came with 5 packs of 4 cards along with 5 inserts or parallels.

I was just happy to see cards to open, though not a big WNBA fan like I was in the 90's with Rebecca Lobo and the NY Liberty. I had actually stared at these blasters and almost pulled the trigger a few times since I like Prizm, but the price point scared me away at $35 a pop.

Regardless of how this break turned out, at least I didn't shell out the money to buy it lol.
Here were a couple of rookies I found. One of you will have to tell me if I landed anything special.

Green parallels.

I see A'JA Wilson is on the box front so that's gotta be good right?

And my silver Prizm. Always like the silvers.

Overall, not sure how I did, but it was fun to open something a little different.

Let me know your thoughts on this break in comments!

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