Thursday, December 28, 2017

I BUMPED Into My Mail Box, Had To RUN To Open The Surprise

I didn't get to chance to this year due to tough funding around the holidays, but my plan was to send some bloggers some surprise PWE Christmas gifts. Maybe something I will look into next year.

However, I was surprised with one myself from Bump And Run Football Card Blog yesterday.

Here is what was sent,

Some SI For Kids cards for my collection of those. I have been behind on posting the newest issues. I will need to do that soon.

A couple of Giants. I really liked the photos used on Prestige this year from what I have seen. I miss Topps football still though.

A shiny sweet Eli. Despite how bad of a season this has been, Eli hasn't played too bad with the lack of talent around him.
A thanks is well due to Trevor for his generosity once again. He hit me up with one last year too. 

Hopefully next year with more careful planning I can send some of these out as well.

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