Saturday, December 9, 2017

Busting Makes Me Feel Good

If you didn't know, I am a huge Ghostbusters fan. The movies and The Real Ghostbusters cartoon.

When Cryptozoic released their Ghostbusters trading cards, I was fortunate to bust a box and did fairly well pulling a pretty sick slime card. However, once I found out they had animation cel cards from the show I watched when I was a kid, I needed one.

So I jumped onto eBay. These only fell 1:36 packs but are 1/1's, prices were quite decent on most and I didn't have the funds to pour a lot in. So I looked for the cheapest version and here it is, for $9 I thought it was a pretty good add even though I don't remember who this character was anymore.

The 915 is on the plastic sleeve as it arrived that way

I hope to add more of these down the road along with more autographs and slime cards. So far, I just have one of each. This product isn't the cheapest in the world to buy per box or get singles of. So as far as chasing each part down in set form, I don't think I can even touch it, but just to add as many as I can of each, I will take that.


  1. Nice! I recently grabbed one of these animation cel cards too; waiting for it to arrive in my pending COMC order. You should definitely check out the selection on there.

  2. Oh man... I've gotta get one of those slime cards. This animation cel card is cool too.