Thursday, November 19, 2020

Ever Feel Like You Are Being Watched?

I have tried to look away...but I can't. They keep looking at me. I keep waiting for their eyes to follow my every move when I am in my card room.
These cards are simply....creepy. 

I get what Panini was trying to do with these with mocking T206, but they didn't quite turn out the way they should have. Every one of these cards is either spooky or a Caption This card moment waiting to happen.

Is this Aaron Judge or a gangster from the 1920's? Maybe a model?

It appears George got into the "good stuff"

Nolan appears he has seen a ghost or the Otahni card watching him.

And finally, Jose Aluve is about to join up with Marv and rob some kid who is Home Alone. Probably looking for their trashcans.

These inserts are from 2020 Diamond Kings and are rightly named DK206. There are 20 cards to chase for the set and each features similar pictures to these. The checklist is mix of legends and players of today. So if you're looking for a good time or a blog post to use as a Caption This, these work perfectly.

These cards came from my mail day from SCC reader Grady M. So thank him for today's post if it made you giggle at all....or frightened.


  1. I didn't even look at the cards in this post. I can't take my eyes off the turkey card making up your background.

  2. These are very weird cards, but I pulled the auto version of the Pete Alonso in Nachos Grande's group break, so I love them! B^)

  3. I see where they were going with these, but it's not really my cup of tea. And Brett looks more like Cal to me in that painting.

  4. These are a major miss for me sketches are bad no license so no logos team names portrait style is boring no in action this is just crap in my opinion. but I guess with the over production of every star player now in the hobby we will have some misses or maybe a lot of misses and they just keep producing.......

  5. These would've made a good Halloween themed post.