Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Grady Judged Me

Remember when I said on Saturday that Sport Card Collectors long time reader Grady M sent me a bunch of player cards for my PC's? Well we will continue with the next player today.

My Aaron Judge PC took a nice leap with today's additions thanks to Grady and currently sits at 160 different cards or so. Though I may need a recount on it again just like this years election as I may have missed a few.

I think that Topps Opening Day was one of the last baseball products I reviewed on here this year, that says a lot about 2020. It's been one big disappointment. I really miss doing more giveaways.

Topps Fire National Baseball Card Day

In the right kind of mind, though they didn't win the World Series this year like most expected. Especially the way they started out this short Covid season.

Fire! I didn't get any Topps Fire this year so it's nice to see some up close. Interesting design as always. For me it's about the colors.

Bowman was a HOT product when it released with Jasson Dominguez to be found. Only problem was, you couldn't find Bowman. I lucked out and was able to open one fat pack and that was it. Since that one fat pack didn't have a Judge, at least now I have one.

Mythical....goes well with cards in 2020. They are mythical creatures you can't find in retail.

Prizm Silver refractor

Big League has some great action shots, I almost like Big League design and photos better than flagship. Shhhh..don't tell anyone.

Topps Chrome, another one of those Mythical products

I did get to open some Allen and Ginter this year, no hobby, but a few retail offerings. No Judge to be found though so this will fill in that gap.

You guys will hate me for this I bet, but sometimes I wonder and wished Panini had a piece of the MLB license. This is a creative colorful card even without a logo is a masterpiece. The picture of Judge with his head turned helps as well.

I will end with a fist bump to Grady for the help with these new Judge additions. A couple more players coming up along with more from his massive insert laden mail day.

So what do you think, would you be okay with Panini getting a piece of the MLB license or nah?


  1. Competition is good. MLB needs to give other companies a shot.

    1. Copy and paste Matt's comment here.

    2. Just wished they weren't so money hungry or at least realize they could make more money spreading the license