Sunday, November 22, 2020

Giants Cardboard:Bye Week Blues

Bye Week. The most boring part of the NFL season.

This is a week the Giants need to rest up and get a little healthier to finish out the rest of the season which will be a long stretch with teams like Baltimore, Seattle and Cleveland on the rise.

At the point of typing this, the Giants are 2-7 playing the first place Eagles for a battle of first place. I am roughly a week ahead on blogging.


I didn't think the transfer from Eli Manning to Daniel Jones would go so rough, I expected an easy transfer. But, it's hard to live up to a legend and for me the recent play of Daniel Jones makes me miss Eli more. I still think Dan's the man, but, they have got to work on a few things with him.

Evan Engram has dropped so many key passes this season, the biggest was against the Eagles in which the Giants would have won the game if he had, but he is still a stud specimen and needs to work on catching a tad more.

One guy I miss as much as Eli is Saquon. This offensive line is finally coming together and having a weapon like Saquon would take some pressure off from Jones and maybe he would have a little better numbers.

Leonard Williams has played well so far this season, he wants a big pay day at the end of the season. Not sure yet if the Giants are the ones who give it to him.

The Giants D-Line overall with Dexter Lawrence is taking a step in the right direction, I think another year under this defensive coordinator would be good

I am not sure how the rest of the season will play out or the Giants chances at winning the NFC East, literally their only shot into the playoffs, but I have seen a lot of growth out of this team and with this coaching staff and a few more pieces they could be back to winning Giants football.

The cards seen today came via Sport Card Collectors Daily reader Grady M as I continue to dig through and post more stuff from that box.


  1. Oh that crazy NFC Least division - where the Giants are 2-7 and somehow still in the hunt! I'm impressed with what I've seen from Jones though. If they can surround him with some more talent he'll be just fine.

  2. I remember the Seahawks winning the NFC West with a 7-9 record and thinking that was crazy. It'll be interesting to see if the NFC East winner can match their 7 wins.