Sunday, November 1, 2020

Cardboard Review:2020 Onyx Vintage Extended Series 2 Box Break (HUGE HIT)

Baseball season has officially ended, but that doesn't mean the baseball card season has. That never has an end date.

Swinging it's way into stores recently is the latest product from Onyx, which is Vintage Extended Edition. Which is basically an update or Series 2 to the Onyx Vintage. I reviewed the first series awhile back and had a blast, not too mention I also pulled a Gavin Lux auto.

So I couldn't wait until I got my hands onto this edition and today will show off how a two box break may look.

How did my break go? Well, you gotta read on to find out.

Every box, which feels like a pack, of Onyx Vintage Extended Edition comes with 4 cards. Two of those cards will be base and the other two will be autographs. On card autographs as well. Boxes of this product currently sit just under $40.

Before I show you how Box One went, I wanted to show you the back of the box and how the product is broken down.

Now onto the box break.

You open the box from the side and pull it out. Inside is a clear pack and this one shows Diego Caraya right on top.

Here is a better look at the Cartaya. I think Onxy did a great job with the design and feel of these cards.

Second base card was Carmen Mlodzinski

Now onto the two autographs. The checklist overall for this product is small which isn't a bad thing because you have a better chance to land a top autograph for a pretty solid price for the box.

Here's the checklist,
Adael Amador - Colorado
Adinso Reyes - Detroit
Adley Rutschman - Baltimore
AJ Vukovich - Arizona
Alexander Ramirez - New York NL
Angel Martinez - Cleveland
Armando Cruz - International
Austin Martin - Toronto
Bayron Lora - Texas
Bobby Witt Jr. - Kansas City
Bryan Mata - Boston
Carlos Colmenarez - International
Carmen Mlodzinski - Pittsburgh
Cody Thomas - Los Angeles NL
Cristian Pache - Atlanta
Cristian Hernandez - International
Danny De Andrade - International
Diego Cartaya - Los Angeles NL
Dylan MacLean - Texas
Endy Rodriguez - New York NL
Erick Pena - Kansas City
Estevan Florial - New York AL
Felnin Celesten - International
Francisco Alvarez - New York NL
Freudis Nova - Houston
Jake Vogel - Los Angeles NL
Jasson Dominguez - New York AL
Jerar Encarnacion - Miami
Jordan Walker - St. Louis
Jorge Ona - San Diego
Jose De La Cruz - Detroit
Juan Then - Seattle
Julio Rodriguez - Seattle
Kris Bubic - Kansas City
Luis Robert - Chicago A
Luis Toribio - San Francisco
Luis Rodriguez - Los Angeles NL
Marco Luciano - San Francisco
Mick Abel - Philadelphia
Miguel Bleis - International
Nick Yorke - Boston
Omar Estevez - Los Angeles NL
Pedro Pineda - International
Pete Alonso - New York NL
Riley Greene - Detroit
Robert Puason - Oakland
Roderick Arias - International
Rodolfo Castro - Pittsburgh
Ronny Mauricio - New York NL
Ryan Mountcastle - Baltimore
Seuly Matias - Kansas City
Spencer Torkelson - Detroit
Spencer Howard - Philadelphia
Wander Franco - Tampa Bay
Wander Javier - Minnesota
Yanquiel Fernandez - Colorado
Yiddi Cappe - International
Yusneil Diaz - Baltimore
Some solid names to chase in there. Being a Yankees fan I of course prayed hard for a Dominguez.
But, no luck in box 1.
Kris Bubic went 1-6 in his time in the MLB this past season for the Royals.

Felnin Celesten is an International Prospect who could be a stud when he reaches the majors.
There are also parallels to the autographs as well, but the base blue autographs like the ones I pulled are "numbered" to 275 copies. There are also Green Signatures (50 copies), Red Signatures (25 copies), Purple Signatures (10 copies), Black Signatures (5 copies), and Full Name/Inscription that are numbered.

So not too bad for the first box. I wonder what the second box will hold...(prays for Dominguez)

I pulled the pack out and Yusniel Diaz sat on top.

Closer look at it.

Next base card is this Freudis Nova
And now my two autographs...
BOOM!!!! First overall pick of the 2020 draft Spencer Torkelson.

The second autograph was of 2015 first round draft pick Ryan Mountcastle of the Orioles.

Box number 2 was an obvious winner despite the lack of Dominguez for me.

Overall though, pretty solid breaks. I like the design and feel of the product and think with some of the big names on the checklist that this one is worth a gamble on if you are into collecting prospects.


  1. Congratulations! I really like the look of these autographs. I went out and grabbed a Joey Bart a few months ago.