Saturday, November 7, 2020

Went Fishing With Grady

In my latest box of goods from Sport Card Collectors reader Grady, along with never ending shiny cards and inserts, he hit up a few of my PC's as well. I will be breaking those down by player as I go. Today I am showcasing the face of baseball, no not you Mookie Betts you are great and all, but you are no Mike Trout.

I have been slowly adding more and more Mike's to my collection over the past few months and have totaled 70 different including these.

Trout and some guy who gets hurt every year on the same card.

Full concentration on this catch. I really like the GQ design on this one along with the photo.

No logos, no problem. Diamond Kings design with the reddish jersey and green background gives it a great look and a Christmas feel which I am great with.

And the final add was this Aficionado from Diamond Kings.

At some point on here I will be updating players like Mike and how many of their cards I have. Of course reaching round numbers will lead to future blog posts of guys like Mahomes, Jackson and Trout which are my newest PC's. I am strongly considering adding Russell Wilson in there as well because he has strong religion and is an incredibly talented, yet underrated QB.

More of these posts to come, some of which have tons of cards to show off while others are smaller like today's.


  1. I don't PC Trout, but I hold his cards whenever I come across a new one I don't have.

    1. I dont blame you at all. That's how I accumulated this many

  2. I just sent the only ones that I had to Kevin (Diamond King), but I guess if I come across anymore I'll have to split them between the two of you :)