Sunday, November 15, 2020

Giants Cardboard: Mosaic Adds!

The Giants season as I am typing this is 1-7 and the ship and chances for playoffs is sailing away. Though, they are not completely out. It really depends on their game vs Washington today. Yes, this is a week in advance.

Despite the Giants seemingly depressing record, it all hasn't been that bad. It appears the Giants have the right coaches in place for the future. The defense this year hasn't been the embarassement it had been the last few years. The Oline is very slowly coming together and it appears give this team a year or two and a new GM they will finally turn things around.

If I was to sum up the season til now I would say heartbreaking. Outside of the loss to the 49ers, the Giants have been in every game and they have come down to the last quarter for most where the Giants either get penalized, turnover or get calls against them as this year the refs have it out for them. Either way, I am feeling good about the future. Just hoping that Daniel Jones can grasp the playbook a little more and stop turning the ball over. TUCK THE BALL IN WHEN A SACK IS COMING AND TAKE THE SACK. Or if you are going to throw it away before you get sacked, THROW THE BALL OUT OF BOUNDS. He has so many similarities to Eli, as that was something he used to do, but the right coach/scheme can get a lot out of Jones if you look at last year. 

I still have faith in him.

Since today the Giants face the first place Eagles, a team they should have beaten the first time, I thought I would show off my latest adds in this new segment. This will be a filler segment until new Rodney Hamptons come in.

My first Giants mail day comes from @NCSportcards when he sent me a RAK.


My first Giants cards out of 2020 Absolute.

My first Slayton out of Mosaic

My first Daniel Jones out of Mosaic

If you don't see a common trend here I will point it out, I didn't see a single pack of Mosaic whether it was football or basketball. Didn't even see it in Chronicles baseball.

Thomas has had an up and down season so far. I hope he gets better over time.

The defense has played well so far, add McKinney in here at some point and it could really take off

And my final Giants Mosaic Got Game of Saquon.
Thanks again to @NCsportscards for the RAK!
My next mail day was apart of a trade with @acc2107. This is only part of the trade, once again, you will have to wait until I kick off the Christmas season on here.

Until then, let's see what I got.

That's right...more Giants Mosaic.

I don't know the parallels well in this product other than seeing how purty they are. Since I never opened any, I figured I didn't need to study the product like I do with others.

I will call this green. I am sure its wrong

Orange flames. Who knows? But, looks super cool.

And finally, a Green Eli. I can see why so many like this product.

Thanks to Adam for the trade.

Speaking of him, I also won a contest for a blaster box of 2020 Donruss Holiday from him. That will be shown off when my Christmas season kicks off and be the very first post for it.

This is just the beginning of Giants Cardboard. More to come!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday.

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  1. haven't seen any Mosaic football either. Got lucky with basketball when it hit the shelves though. I like the Absolute design. Good cards and post.