Saturday, November 21, 2020

These Are Fun


I haven't opened much in terms of product in 2020, the biggest reason being the pandemic with crazy flippers and not doing reviews because of it, so when I get to see newer products its because of others.

I am very 50/50 on how I feel about products like Topps Archives when a companies take old designs and bring them back by putting newer players on them.

This years 2020 Archives was no different. It included Topps base card designs of 1955,1974 and 2002.

The one thing though that set this years apart from past years, is a subset known as Nickname Poster Cards.

When I found these in my box of goodies from Sport Card Collector reader Grady M, I was hooked. This is the kind of creativity I have been waiting for from Topps.

And calling them Poster cards is perfect.

I can picture going to a movie theater and seeing a movie poster hung up with the words, The Conductor starring Chris Sale.

Or one that says, Big Papi. One man's mission to over slug Fenway.

This is just a couple of the 14 card subset. Once again, a subset is a set within a base set. I just wanted to be clear these are not inserts.

Grady sent along a good portion of the subset and I was completely infatuated with them.

There are a few missing from the set and I hope to finish up the missing pieces. I want to get these updated on here soon.

Panini does a nickname parallel for their Donruss baseball but are not even close to as cool as these. I think this would make a great insert set and maybe a chromed version or foil would bring these even more to the next level.

I will say though, these seem like an odd fit for this product or at least part of the base set that built upon Topps history. As far as I know, I could definitely be wrong, I don't know of any nickname cards in 1955,1974 or 2002 Topps base sets.

What do you guys think of these? Cool? Nah? Ugly as sin? Mind blowing?


  1. These are great cards. I have the Banks and Snider. I'd love a set of old timers on these.

  2. I grew up with the Costacos posters, so I can appreciate these. They're cheesy... but that's how they're suppose to look.

  3. Yeah, those aren't bad. The Aaron is my favorite though.

  4. I love these cards and hope to get my hands on the Sale and Ortiz at some point. My only complaint is that these are short prints.

  5. Oh these are actually real? They just had these in Topps Bunt a few weeks ago.