Thursday, November 5, 2020

Going Offbeat Again

@offbeatallstars and myself seem to be on a trading spree right now. This will mark the second one in about a month and it's the biggest trade we have done yet.

What started off as a few Steve Youngs, ramped up to a few other odds and ends cards and some serious, SERIOUS, set help.

This Sprewell is my first gold from this set for my 90's Spx project.

Eli Manning rookie card I didn't have was one of the first things I needed. Eli remains the second biggest player PC I have for the Giants outside of my main PC of Rodney Hampton.

What is the birth child of Sp Authentic, Upper Deck Sp came out in 1996 and had some decent looking base cards full of foil. I will say though that they player head pictures are kinda cheesy and hilarious on some. For example, look at that Troy Aikman.

Do I collect Andre Reed? No. Do I collect Bills? No. Do I collect 90's cards like this? Yes! Do I collect Collectors Edge? Umm Yeah!

What isn't there to like about this Marvin Harrison? Its a subtle mind control card that tells me that I need it.

Seeing Emmitt in a Cardinals uniform gives me the weird vibes everytime I do, but this card overall was pure fire. Literally. The eye candy of this card is why I needed to come home to me and not the fact it's Smith who I didn't like seeing in the 90's face my Giants.

The final piece of our trade was a ton of football set needs for myself which most will be posted in the popular series, Let's Talk About Sets. Stay tuned for those.


  1. Sweet Spree! Love that set so much.

  2. Are you now collecting Young too?

    1. Not really. Just like 90s guys and 90s cards related to them so took them