Monday, November 9, 2020

RAK Friday Takes Flight!

Every Friday on Twitter, I host a RAK (random acts of kindness) thread where you list what you collect and search what everyone else does and find someone to send a mail day to. It's a pretty easy concept that has grown week by week.

One of my last threads on there, a new follower liked my concept and said he would like to pass me something along as a thanks. 
The generosity in this hobby is amazing.
@MikeyC1044 sent out my RAK pretty fast and I got it a few days later.
Inside was a mini mail day. You will see what I did there when you look below.
Some sports minis. A couple of players for my player binder and the rest for my inserts.

Cabrera goes in my player binders as well.

A new piece for my non sport PC with Behemoths Beneath. The oddballs in this product is the true allure of it.

And a key card off my Top 20 want list is this Ken Jeong mini. I still need the base card but this is a start. Besides wanting the autograph.

Thanks to Mikey C for the mail day and for joining in on my thread every Friday. I hope everyone who hasn't joined in yet on my threads, will do so. It's a lot of fun to make someone else's day and in 2020, we all could use some extra smiles.


  1. Great cards and you have to love the hobby family for doing stuff like this.

  2. I'm sure that they're fun, and obviously provide an outlet to acquire things, but I just can't get down with those threads. The few times that I've looked at them, it's always like 80% wanting to 20% giving, and seeing the large imbalance of takers just ends up annoying me.

    1. So far on my thread it hasn't been like that. If you get a rak your supposed to give one as well instead of everyone just claiming cards like the other one