Thursday, August 7, 2014

Farewell David Wilson

It would have been year 3 for David Wilson in the NFL which meant this was the year a lot of first-round draft picks break out. However, David was forced into early retirement due to an neck injury and never had a chance to finish his promising career.

David's career lasted only 21 games for the Giants, but in this tearful, emotional and inspirational FAREWELL SPEECH he stated not to reflect on how short his career was and to focus on the fact he got to live his dream making it into the NFL. A dream that not many get to live. He's also ready for the next step in his career and will be rooting on teammates all season, hoping they put their 100% efforts on the field and continue their dream because that dream could end at any second without a sign.

In respect of David Wilson and his career with the Giants, I wanted to show off some of my favorite cards I own of him.

Love this photo....I still remember watching it live:

This is my favorite of the group. I think the design is well done:
Hope everyone enjoyed the gallery. I could have added a few more to the list, but these are my top favorites.

David, I wish you luck on the next step of your career and thanks for your time with the Gmen. Let's hope they take your inspiring speech and go grab another Lombardi!

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