Sunday, August 10, 2014

That 90's Mail Day: Another 40 Card Pickup!

Recently, I picked up a 40 card rookie lot and mentioned in the article about going back for more. Well, luckily the previous listers had one more lot up for grabs and once again I stole it for $5.99 and once again it was another great mixed lot.

I know as well as you do, nobody wants to read someone rambling on. I must note first that below is only 34 cards pictured. This time knowing this is a 90's only exclusive blog I took out the newer stuff. The other cards in this lot will be featured on here as cards of the week!

Now it's time to review the goods!

Ahman Green was a beast!

My favorite part of the lot. Ex Jake Plummer rookie card, Tyrone Wheatley Red Siege parallel, Charlie Batch insert..sweet looking stuff!

Tyrone Wheatley Sp rookie card and a pretty photogenic UD Marvin Harrison rookie:

Overall, I was once again really happy with the results from this lot. I would definitely go back and buy more if they ever list more. The cards have decent value, the designs and variety are nice, but the memories is what is most important to me.

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