Monday, August 11, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

There are just some people who just make the hobby great, @badbrad1987 is one of them. This guy continues to be a positive influence in the hobby by congratulating others when they win contests, starting hobby discussions and giving stuff away. Last week I even was a recipient of his niceness. I woke up to a tweet asking me for my address for him to send some cards to.

Today, these arrived:

Cool Eli refractor numbered to 499

And a Ryan Nassib auto!!!
Brad had also included a note thanking me for all that I do for the hobby and said because he knew I only had one Nassib auto, he had a double and wanted to pass it along to me.

Well Brad, I welcomed all of these cards to my household. I appreciate your generosity to not only me, but to the hobby as a whole. We need more people like yourself to keep this hobby a positive place to collect. Keep up what you do, because you never know when good "cardma" could come back to you, whether its from others or from a random #SCCGivesBack package.

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