Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Baseball Card Yard Sale Find Part 4: Add Some Flair, Topp It Off With Authentic

Well, here is another post to what will be  many posts of me breaking down what I got at the Yard Sale that I posted about recently. Today's post was a box with three different brands hiding within, 1995 Flair Baseball Series 2, 2002 Topps Baseball Series 1 and

Kicking it off, there was a partial base set of 1995 Flair Series 2. If you have been reading this blog or Sport Card Collectors, you know how much I love Flair. This was one of my favorite years of Flair. The cards were thick, the surface was shiny/metallic with the players picture in what I call HD. These cards had an high end feel both front and back.

Here are the Yankees I pulled out of the box for my PC:

Now onto Topps 2002. There wasn't a lot of it in there, but I was impressed with what I did find.

First this..yes...yes it is...Griffey #413

Memorable shot...

3 Gold parallels numbered to 2002. Back then, these cards carried a higher book value.

Now onto 2002 Fleer Authentix baseball. I really dig the ticket design on these...

Jeter PC card:

Another Griffey sighting...#414

The rookie cards are really cool. They have a piece of "ticket" cut within them and are numbered to 1850.

Overall, I am pretty impressed again! 2 more Griffey adds, some Yankee adds and 5 numbered cards including two rookies. Once again, 50 cents well spent!

I am looking forward to the next box to see what else is hiding within and I hope you will be here to view it as well!

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