Saturday, August 30, 2014

Winner Of The Pack Gambler Contest!

Well, another great turnout for The Pack Gambler contest! Thanks to everyone who participated! This one was a bit challenging to pick a winner. Nobody had a close score. Some were close in yardage and only 8 of you chose the Bengals. Everything was all over the map. The delay on picking this winner was figuring out the fairest way to get one, so I contacted The Pack Gambler to see what their thoughts were on trying to pick a winner.

We rummaged through a few ideas and they came up with the idea to "go with the closest score and closest yards since no one had them right on, then the closest difference between the score & yards wins." I thought this sounded fair that way everyone who picked the Bengals had a shot. So after spending a good half hour sorting out everything, I finally narrowed down a winner. This winner did really well on their yards which saved the win for them only being 5 yards off. So without anymore delay, the winner of August's The Pack Gambler Contest is....GRADY MALACHOWSKI!!!!

Congrats Grady! Here is what you won!

2012 Dwayne Allen patch /25 and a 2012 Brandon Weeden relic auto /75
Not to mention a 50% off coupon to their STORE. Seems to me there is another great round of prizes!

Please email me at with your address and I will contact The Pack Gambler with it to mail out your prize.

I am sorry about the delay on announcing this winner and next months The Pack Gambler contest might have a different way of doing the score to cut down on all of the confusion and time. Thanks to everyone who entered and PLEASE, PLEASE tell The Pack Gambler thank you for putting these contests on for you guys! Also remember to LIKE them on Facebook and FOLLOW them on Twitter!

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