Monday, August 18, 2014

Get The Most Out Of What You Buy

Call me crazy or call me a hoarder, but with today's prices we pay on packs and boxes, I don't throw anything away, including wrappers and empty boxes.

Now you are probably asking what do I do with what most would call garbage? Well, I use it to decorate my binders. I think it helps improve the overall look of my collection and in some cases I can mark what's in the binder by doing this.

Here are a couple of examples:
Wrappers I used to decorate my 2014 Rookie Card Binder
Box Cover I used to decorate my 90's Football Card Binder
Now I obviously don't hold onto every wrapper, but I do save roughly 6-10 per box. One wrapper automatically gets used to mark brands in my 800ct boxes (story for another day) then the rest I use for the binder. The coolest looking are the binders. With the right cover like the Topps Football '96 one shown above, they can turn a bland binder into something spectacular and it's so easy. Just make sure you buy the binders with the plastic slip-front. You then just remove the paper they shove in there and replace it with your own items. Some you may need to tape down a little, but most you don't.

Now I am curious if any of the rest of you do this? Am I the only crazy one? Let me know!

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