Thursday, August 14, 2014

Give me $7.50.....Basketball Cards SOLD! To The Guy In The Back!

My nephew recently was at an auction where he saw a box of basketball cards and knew that he would have to bid on them for his favorite uncle. In the end, he won the auction for $7.50 and gave the box to me.

Upon him dropping the box off, I was really excited to dig in. I did notice immediately that the box wasn't in the best condition, nor were some of the cards, but there was roughly a few hundred cards for under $8 so what did you expect? This lot still did have a very fun aspect because you just didn't know what you may find. Was it all garbage? Was there hidden treasures? Was there other sports within? You just didn't know. In good or bad condition, this was going to be fun to go through.

I can't say I found some big finds, but I thought I fared pretty well and found a few cards for my PC.

Here they are:

Star players:

Rookie Cards including two Vlade Divac and a Sean Elliot:

Some fun odds and ends. I really liked the Karl Malone Kelloggs College card:

Let's have a Jam Session (oversized cards)!

Die-Cut insert from Jam Session:

Top coaches are always fun to collect:

 A few inserts. You know how I feel about 90's inserts....

I can see all of you now. It's like you're right here with me typing....pretty cool Upper Deck 3D glasses find:

And of course wouldn't be basketball cards without the best player ever! I was really excited to find Jordan, especially ones I didn't have!

This obviously wasn't all of the cards in the box, they are only the ones I kept. The box did have some cards I had to junk and others I will be giving away to kids to help them collect.

So to sum it up, I think it was worth the $7.50 and hopefully my nephew will think of me again the next time he goes to an auction and sees cards.

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