Friday, August 15, 2014

Surprise Mail Day From The Pack Gambler

Have you ever truly had a "surprise" mail day? You know, one that is completely unexpected. Well, I hadn't up until recently.

I went to the post office like any other day and as I asked for my mail the postal worker told me I had a package. I scratched my head and wondered who it could have come from. I wasn't expecting anything. As the postal worker handed me the package, I read the return address and saw it was my buddy over at The Pack Gambler. I had no clue why he was sending me a package or what would be hiding within, but knowing it came from him, I knew it had to be good and that he had a reason.

I got back to my car and did what most collectors do, rip open their package before heading home. Inside I found this note:

The note alone meant a lot. The cards were just great bonuses:

Another Randle for the PC I didn't have!!

Rookie cards:

GGGGGGGMMMMEEENNN!! And sweet Action Packed ones at that!!

JPP going to have another big season. This one is numbered to 25!!

And this one really got me excited! A sweet Throwback Patch of Brandon Jacobs!!
This was one real sweet surprise. Thanks again The Pack Gambler for the awesome mail day and yes, you did exactly as you thought you would with this package, you got me ready for football season. Go Giants!

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