Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CHANGES...Yup, they are happening again.

Changes....they can sometimes be for the best...sometimes they may not be. In this round, its more about reorganizing the blog, but there will be a few changes.

The past month or so I feel like I have ditched this blog to the side as I was building up The Card Bin. But, recently I asked myself, how could I so easily neglect the blog that started it all for me? I don't know. Maybe I felt comfortable that I had two months of posts done due to carryover from That 90's Sport Card Blog and some that I did on here a few weeks in advance.Now that I am realizing that I have neglected it, I wanna fix this blog and make it back to what it was before.

As I mentioned earlier, there are only going to be a couple of changes. One, I felt the blog itself looked crowded which is why I went for a new/old look that should help it look cleaner. Two, I think it's finally time to say goodbye to That 90's Sport Card Blog. It just isn't worth my extra time. On most days, 8-15 people view it. The work it takes to upload pictures, label them and then get it published for viewing just doesn't seem worth the work. HOWEVER, don't get sad 90's fans! I am not losing any aspects of that blog, they are getting moved over here. Not only are they getting moved, they will be improved!

Now that I have told you the two main changes including the news about That 90's Sport Card Blog, I can now say what I am doing for reorganizing on here. I think this blog flows best when there is a set schedule, so that's what I am going back to. Here is how things will look:
  • Mondays: Either a CAPTION THIS card or You Might Be A Card Collector If....(these are some of the most popular posts on here)
  • Tuesday: Topps Card Of The Week
  • Wednesday: Panini Card Of The Week
  • Thursday: Upper Deck Card Of The Week
  • Friday: That 90's Card (NEW AND IMPROVED)
  • Saturday: Hobby Topic (makes its return for good)
  • Sunday: FILLER DAY (this will be a day for mail day shout outs, NPN, Reviews, Hobby Break 'Em, Retail Break 'Em, etc)
I think going back to this format will be best for not only me (so I can plan on having something up for that day), but for you guys as well so you know what to expect. All of these changes begin tomorrow!

As always, I will take in your feedback and thoughts about this.

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