Wednesday, July 14, 2021


I have started up a few Blog Bat-Arounds in the past, but none have ever taken off any further than myself. Though I have participated in quite a few.

Today, I am hoping this kicks off my first REAL bat-around.

All of us in the blogsphere live all across the United States and the World. A lot of these places a lot of us will never get to see, especially myself. I thought it would be fun to do a blog bat-around for us to see the world. So let's be the Griswolds, pack up the family and take a vacation....visually. Just make sure you check the hours of operation before visiting Walley World.

I want you to post some fun pictures where you live. I am not asking for pictures of your house or your yard, I want to see this,
  1. Pictures of your surroundings. Take a trip down the road and snap. Whether it's your town or your state you do pictures of, let's see it!
  2. Pictures of your local ma and pa store or that "diner" that everyone goes to. Where are the places you would suggest everyone check out when they come to your town and why. Sound touristy if you want.
  3. Pictures of local food. I see some crazy amazing stuff (deep fried butter? we don't have that here) from all across the country when I watch food network, I wanna see that in real life photos and not on TV
  4. Pictures of Local Landmarks or cool historic items. Make the readers feel like they are touring your town or state.
  5. Whatever else you can think of I missed above.
Let's take a vacation to where you live.

Here are a few pictures I have taken recently on my errand runs.

(if you see Final Destination 2, I do too)

I know this doesn't exactly nail down what I listed above, there isn't a lot here to send pictures of, but I hope to snap more pictures and add more to this post as I go.

And since this is a card blog, I suppose if you want to take a picture of a card visiting these places to, that's great as well. But make sure we can see the actual items more. You want to give that vacation kind of feel to everyone.

I hope this takes off and we can see some cool stuff from across the U.S. and further.


  1. I'm always down for an interesting BBA. Count me in. Although... it might take a few weeks.

  2. I always show off interesting happenings around the house, and therefor don't have many unshown photos on hand at the moment, but like Fuji, I could probably get some over the next few weeks. I like this idea by the way, hopefully you'll get some takers.

  3. Mine will likely be borrowed photos off the net since mobility is an issue for me