Monday, July 26, 2021

Cardboard Review:2021 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Master Box

Baseball season is chugging along and so aren't the baseball card releases.

A few products have already dropped this month and none of them excited me more than seeing Museum Collection.

I haven't had a lot of luck with the product in the past, but let's see how it goes this time.

In every master box of 2021 Topps Museum Collection, there are 4 mini box packs per master with each one coming with 5 cards and 1 hit. Each master box comes with one of the following:

On-card Autograph
Autograph Relic
Quad Relic

Each Master Box is $320 or so.


The base set is the standard design of Museum Collection, not much has changed in years.

It includes veterans, legends

And rookies of the game. The base set overall is 100 cards.


Parallels are found in pretty much every product these days, so even a high end product like Museum has them.

But, unlike a lot of other products there aren't so many offerings. You can find the following, Copper, Sapphire /150, Amethyst /99, Ruby /50, and Emerald 1/1.

Sapphire /150

Amethyst /99

50 cards make up the only insert set in Museum Collection in 2021 Reproduction Canvas Collection. I got a "Big Hurt" with my pull :)

The main basis of a high end product like Museum Collection are the hits and there are plenty to find.
And boy did my Master Box start off HOT! Beautiful 3-color swatch of Superstar Fernando Tatis Jr.

Then, it was a drop off from there. At least to me.

Quad relic of Brewers /25

Dustin May autograph (pitcher auto, ugh)

Nate Pearson on-card autograph (another pitcher auto, double ugh. But this guy has been stalking me in 2021)

Well, I was feeling good about the start of this break until I opened more than one pack. Haha! Even though I have never faired that well with Museum, I still like the product a lot. Solid design, some amazing hits to be found with a great autograph checklist.

I know most will immediately turn their heads when they see the price point, but this is one of those products I would suggest jumping in on a box break for.

I welcome your thoughts below.


  1. I love Museum. Never bought a box though, I steer away from the pricey boxes. I grab what I can out of dollar bins (or less) for the cards I need. Thanks for the preview.

  2. Not too bad. Love that Tatis.. is it available for trade? I could try putting a compelling trade offer together.

  3. Wow, a side of the hobby I can't get myself to get into! I do very much like the cards though. Except those parallels can get pretty jarring, the color schemes kind of don't match well!
    Congrats on the Tatis. The May auto isn't a bad card, regardless of the lack of pitcher love!

  4. Thanks for showing the break, brutal on the autos unfortunately. Price point for 1 box is too high for me unless I can afford a case (unlikely)

  5. As someone who doesn't collect this sort of stuff, I can't imagine this being all that one gets for $320. As per usual, I'm just glad that you didn't have to pay for it :)

  6. Thanks for showing off the cards...great Tatis!