Friday, July 30, 2021

Breakin' Wax:2021 Panini Prizm Draft Football Blaster Box

 Finding football cards in retail outlets is like finding that onion ring in your Burger King fries order, it doesn't happen very often. But, it can.

I have been fortunate on and off to be able to open some of the newer products because of my father and some trading. But, believe me, I am not or will not give up my soul to get something to rip. Even though sometimes it is very tempting. 

Today, I am ripping one of the latest football releases in Prizm Draft. I am not an overly huge fan of college football products, but I like to chase the top rookie cards so I will take it for that reason alone. And the Giants drafted a first round WR I am collecting cards of as well.

Every 2021 Prizm Draft football blaster box only comes with 30 cards which is 6 packs of 5 cards. There are no hit guarantees and only thing you can find is a Purple Wave refractor which falls one-per-blaster. Blasters cost $20 per unless you buy from a flipper, then it's $40.

Daniel Jones! This was my only NY Giants base card in my break.

Justin Fields All-American, this was the best base rookie (yes I know it's a subset so technically not rookie) I found.

Best Crusade I found was Micah Parsons.

This was my purple wave find. Not anyone I know but I do know some Texas fans I can probably trade this to.

Green Prizms I found.

Daniel Jones green parallel. Nice PC find!

And finally, probably the "best pull" of the box was this Mac Jones Crusade Silver. I believe this guy will be the best QB of this draft. He is by far on the best team and situation out of the rookie QB's. Not that I want any Patriot QB succeeding.

That's it for this break. I won't complain too much with some Daniel Jones cards and the Mac Jones.

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  1. Target has these on-line, along with Chronicle Draft. They have been there for a few days now, so that kind of tells you that the draft products for football aren't that popular. I was tempted to buy some because there isnt much football around, but with an auto I will pass.