Monday, September 20, 2021

Nine Pockets With Three Cards

Greg over at Nine Pockets blog has made some cool customs over the years and now those customs have come to real life as they are in print form!

I was fortunate awhile back to get a first sample of one of those cards in the Ed card from Good Burger, one of those classic 90's movies that I enjoy.

He recently hosted a giveaway to give some of those printed cards away and I had to jump on board.

Of course I had to grab a real printed version of the card this time to go along with my sample.

And had to grab the other Good Burger version as well.

The final card I grabbed, well, when I see any Seinfeld cardboard I don't hesitate:
George Costanza in the episode, Understudy. The  of when he plowed over Bette Midler and injures her leading to Bette's understudy who is dating Jerry to take over for her in the Broadway show Rochelle, Rochelle The Musical.

Back of the cards,
Cool huh?

Thanks again to Greg for the cards. I can't wait to see what you come up with next in this series.


  1. Clean play at the plate. Clean play.

    Glad the cards are in your collection. Stay tuned for more!

  2. I never saw Good Burger (and never will), but I do remember the sketches on All That. I enjoyed them at the time, but doubt that I still would, hence me not trying to go back and watch any of them so that positive memories can stay preserved.

    1. It's hard going back to watch any of that stuff. Some I have gone back, like Erie Indiana and was like why did I enjoy this?

  3. Great cards! Where's Bette Mid-da-la?