Friday, September 17, 2021

Show Me The WAY!

I told myself I wouldn't TACKLE another Super PC as I did with Rodney Hampton, but, once again, fate hit and here I am.

You can now refer to me as the....CHARLES WAY Super Collector.

Why Charles Way? Well, he was another player I enjoyed watching playing in his five seasons with the Giants. He also has a tie in with Rodney as he was a fullback that blocked for Rodney his first few seasons before taking over for Rodney in 1997 when he was out with an injury. Way went on to rush for 696 yards and had over 1,000 all purpose yards that season. He played okay in 1998 but knee injuries forced him to retire in 2000. Once again a player that had potential and who knows how far he could have gone.

Regardless of that, he ended up in my collection and I have come a long ways in the last few months with it.

Also, been keeping track of my collection and stats on TCDB.

Here was the humble beginnings which put me at 8th place to start.

A few adds moved me up to 5th

Then a huge mail day jumped me up to first.

Then more...

And the domination continued....

And finally here is where I am at (since the typing of this four more cards have shown up)

I currently own 31.5% of all Charles Way cards out there. With a minimal 251 to chase, it shouldn't be too hard to find most. However, some are very, very expensive and some others being 90's cards will be even harder to chase down.

Here is a visual of my Way collection thus far,


(class 3 Black Label)

1998 Skybox Rubies)

(in-person auto that came via a friend)

(Way only has 3 autographs total)

(My first and only 1/1!)

(Rave and Super Rave!!!!)

(gold parallel /25)

(my favorite cards of them all, Legacy collections /100)

Pretty solid collection I am proud of so far. Still a WAY to go, but I will show any new additions as I go on. Maybe do a segment similar to the Rodney Hampton one.

If any of you have any Charles Way you don't see above, as the Styx sung, SHOW ME THE WAY!!!


  1. This is one that you should be able to complete, and should be considerably easier to do so than Rodney. And I hope I'm not raining on your parade, but you do know that that 1/1 is an aftermarket stamp, right? Those are the kinds of cards that your friends over at Burbank have a nasty reputation for selling to unsuspecting collectors (the TCDB has multiple threads about them).

    1. No I didn't know that about those cards, but I also haven't seen any more than 1 of these cards in exitance. So I guess it is what it is.