Saturday, September 18, 2021

Show Me The Way:1998 Stadium Club One Of A Kind

The newest segment on here kicks off today. I thought naming this one Charles Cardboard would be a bit tacky in it's comparison with my Rodney chase, so I thought branding its own series would be better and Show Me The Way is just catchy.

The first card is the latest addition that was not included in my main post as it arrived a day after I uploaded those pictures. I have a few others as well to show off in the upcoming weeks.

1998 Stadium Club randomly inserted, for baseball they were 1:21 odds, the One Of A Kind parallels. The cards are simply just a foil covering over the base card and is numbered to 150 on the back.

Rodney Hampton wasn't included in the 1998 Stadium Club set so this is my first seeing one of these parallels up close.

There are more of these cards on the Way, see what I did there? If you have any Charles Way sitting around, SHOW ME THE WAY!!


  1. Never understood why Topps decided to call these One of a Kind parallels... since they're numbered to 150. I guess serial numbered cards were still kind of new and Topps considered this Way to be one of a kind since no other card out there was serial numbered 126 (or whatever the digit in the ones place is) out of 150.

    1. I never thought about looking at it that way before.

  2. There isn't much to them, but I still like the 90's One of a Kind's.