Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Kadarius Toney

Another one of my new segments on here is to show off my Giants PC by player (mainly hits or cool cards). This way I can upload most of my bigger collections into the blog for others to view.

The first one I am kicking it off with is Kadarius Toney, one of the newer Giants. Toney was drafted in the first round in the 2021 NFL Draft by the Gmen. They have been looking to get more weapons on offense and this guy is a multi-tooled weapon who can do a lot of things (keep in mind I am typing this up before the Giants season opener so I have no idea how he actually played).

Toney did not get to show much off in the preseason due to injuries and Covid related reasons so hopefully he will be their secret weapon.

Last year, I didn't collect any Giants as the group was a defensive one and for those kind of draft classes I like to stay focused only on getting an autograph of each player. So I was excited when the Giants grabbed an offensive weapon, however, I wasn't excited to see how high his stuff was for a guy that's a 4th WR right now.

Most, if not all of my Kadarius Toney PC was built through trading, please enjoy:

(green parallel-picture was hard to take)

Pretty cool huh? I hope to keep adding to it while not drifting to far away from my more important PC's.

I am curious to hear if you are collecting someone from the 2021 NFL Draft class and who that is in comments below!


  1. You have a great PC going already. I haven't look at adding him to my collection yet, besides what i got in the very few blaster boxes I bought. I was trying to get one of those Onxy autos, but the price was was too high for a glorified check mark. Maybe when Optic comes out I will try to get some of his cards.

    1. Thanks! I think I will keep what I got and not add much more looking at his start so far. Not sure why they aren't using him more