Monday, September 13, 2021


Star Wars, Pack Wars whatever. Just picture the opening scroll through of me rambling and the words coming across the big screen. That alone should get you interested.

Welcome back to another Pack Wars. Today, we pair up two more NFL products.
It's the crazy $15+ Value Pack war battle. Remember when these were $10 and under? Those were the days.

Let's check out Prestige first,
A PC card! Needed the Saquon Prestige base.

My 2 Sunburst parallels, nothing to brag about. And yes, Dion, I set aside the Raven one :)

Another PC card in JPP and the ever so dominant Derrick Henry

My four rookies, nobody I have heard of.

Next up, Elite.
My pack was loaded with base card talent. Joe Montana, Tom Brady were among the group.

Tom Brady Spellbound Pink.

John Elway pink

And last card, the only rookie from the pack is a Kyle Trask Sp photo variation pink.

I think there seems to be an obvious winner here. But, do I let PC cards do the talking or a pack that had more punch? I will let you decide in comments.


  1. Not big on either of these products, but Elite seemed to be more bang for the buck.

  2. JPP in a Giants unifrom. I miss seeing that on Sundays.

  3. Elite does look shinier. I was able to find a fat pack of Prestige. I assumed it was $6 but found out it rang up for $10.

    1. Prices on all of the packs have gone up, it's crazy.