Sunday, September 19, 2021

Rock And Jock

Today's card will bring you back to those years of when MTV actually played music, not a bunch of shows about guys and girls locked in a house doing you know what or some families from Atlanta and NJ.

The MTV Rock N' Jock was a television series on MTV featuring actors, musicians, and other entertainers playing sports with professional athletes. Sounds like a good time.

One of those athletes was a guy named Ken Griffey Jr who also happens to be a PC guy for me. I also saw one on Twitter that was up for trade from @tvsportscards.
(looks totally 90's)

I hadn't seen or heard of this card before but I am now one of the lucky 20,000 to own one.

A bonus that was tossed in our trade,
another new card for the collection.

Thanks again to @tvsportscards for the trade.

I have wondered if I should chase down the other two cards in the set. The MC Hammer one would be cool in itself for my non sport collection and never hurts to have another Frank Thomas.

Updates to come if I chase down the other two cards. Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday!


  1. Cool set. I remember seeing it on someone's blog or maybe it was a message board... then going out and tracking it down on eBay.

  2. Man, a Rock n' Jock trading card set would have been cool to collect!

  3. These have been all over Twitter lately. I'm thinking that a lot of newer collectors must've just "discovered" them.