Sunday, September 12, 2021

Game Day

It's finally Game Day. I have been counting down to this day since the last season ended.

The Giants had an interesting offseason, it started out slow with just the signing of Devonte Booker and then heated up big time with new additions all across the team...except the oline.

When it comes to collecting the Giants, I collect all that I don't have and chase autographs of the players I don't have and try to make sure I have a company authenticated autograph of each player as well. I don't care if the player only made it as far as the practice squad, once a Giant, always a Giant. 

I also have a list of players I tried "prospecting" on the Giants which turned out to be duds but I continued on collecting anyways.

Such as Andre Williams.


And Rueben Randle which are my two biggest collections.

Others include, Paul Perkins, Kyle Lauletta, Davis Webb, David Wilson, and Wayne Gallman. Which by the way, all of these players have a tab on the blog that will include all of the cards I have of them at some point.

But, it's also nice to add to my "legendary" Giants collection as well.

Such as these Hakeem Nicks autographs. That guy had golden hands and hidden speed.

Jeremy Shockey that could catch every ball thrown his way, then he would tell you and show you about it. His style of play simply pumped you up.

Thunder and Lightning Barber and Dayne and one of my side PC players in Kerry Collins.

And another Kerry Collins (yes I ignored the player on the front of the card in Grbac)

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There will be more Giants cards ahead on Game Day!


  1. The A's and Padres are still both in the WC hunt... so I'll be following their games more than my football teams.
    That being said... I'll still be checking in on their scores every 15 minutes or so. Let's go Hawks! Go Pack go!

    1. Pack had a rough first week outing, Seattle was good as always

  2. I'm glad that I'm far enough removed from my favorite team that I no longer have to get worked up over what they do, or don't do.

    1. You're lucky. Being the only sport I watch, I just want to tip my TV over and bust it sometimes lol