Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Welcome back to another Pack Wars.

Today, we have a battle of Allen & Ginter blasters. One from 2020 and one from 2021. I have never had any luck with Allen & Ginter blasters before and wasn't expecting anything again. Usually it's just the typical base and inserts which is okay because it helps out my non sport PC.
Let's rip them open and see how it goes.

First up, the 2021 rip
Rookie mini insert

Broccoli rookie card!!

Far, Far away. Some days I think that wouldn't be a bad idea.

Mini inserts

A pair of Historical Hits inserts

Murad insert

Some fun non sport inserts for my PC.

Once again, 2021 Ginter proved to me what I have always known, the blasters come with nothing.

Next up, 2020 blaster I found last year and held onto.
Two new non sport PC cards. Not a bad start to this blaster. Ken Jeong is on my autograph needs list.

Minis. I was excited to find a Chip Gaines.

Where Monsters Live insert. I have the set of these, pretty cool stuff.

A few more for the non sport PC.

More inserts, the building card is pretty cool.

Having grown up on two farms, I really liked this insert series and the design is pretty well done as well. I like the framing.

And it was looking like the typical blaster of Allen & Ginter until.........second to last pack.......
As some would put it...I was shaking. HOLY CANOLI BATMAN. What a pull!!!!!! By far the biggest retail hit of my life.

When it comes to this battle, there is only one obvious winner. But, as always, I will let you guys decide that anyways in comments.


  1. Very nice hit. Congratulations!

  2. Wow, that's a great pull for a fellow Yankees fan! He's been having a great year too.

    The Judge box is an easy decision.

    1. Yes it was!! I will probably never see that again lol

  3. Yep, don't think there's much of a contest here.