Thursday, September 16, 2021

Can We Win?

It's Game Day against the Washington Football Team (I really can't get used to calling them that). Even though I am not a fan of Thursday Night games, because it's too long til the next game, a game is a game. I just hope my team actually shows up this time.

The Giants opener was like watching them in the preseason, they looked flat. The offense couldn't run the ball and as always the Offensive Coordinator didn't know how to use all of the new weapons in place. The defense, which I thought would be the strength of the team, was actually more of a weakness than the offense as Teddy Bridgewater looked like Tom Brady against them. He completely picked them apart and they got multiple 4th down conversions against what was supposed to be a Top 10 defense. If the offense is flat and the defense keeps playing like this.....well......

I may not have a great team to had watched this past Sunday, but I at least had a great mail day to enjoy of the team. I recently saw @Jaescards tweet out a case break he did of Onyx football and one of the cards he pulled I wanted badly. So I inquired and a trade was born.

Of course the trade went further than just the one card, but that's a good thing.

Some new Kadarius Toneys made their way to me. So far in he -2 yards on the season. Like I said, Garrett has no idea how to utilize these weapons.

Eli Manning base from Onyx...this is just an early teaser for the bigger card.

Some bonuses he tossed in! Nothing wrong with these guys, even Evan Engram who can't seem to catch a break whether it be a ball or being on the field healthy.

Daniel Jones played well, if you forget about the key fumble on a drive deep in Broncos territory.

Here is a Prizm rookie of him as well. Hope he can work on the fumbles...more importantly I wished he would slide so he won't turn it over.

Darius Slayton started the Giants out with a 42 yard great catch, then that was basically the only highligh the offense had in the game. Slayton I still believe is a game changer if you can get the ball into his hands.

Speaking of Game Changers, Kenny Golladay made some great catches on Sunday. He was all he was hyped up to be.

Two more autograph adds to my Kenny G side collection. Hopefully Panini will put one out in his Giants uniform.

And for the key card of this trade....
BOOO YEAH! Eli Manning autograph! Anytime I can add an Eli auto I am game for it.

Thanks again to @JaesCards for the trade, hope we can do this again!

As for the Giants tonight, please show up. Please show me something. I don't want to watch another one of those long seasons.

Go Big Blue!

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  1. I saw the score this morning, looks like the Giants aren't starting off the season too well.