Thursday, September 23, 2021

A RAK Monday Success

I have posted about it before on here, but I run a RAK (random acts of kindness) thread on Mondays where you list off what you collect and see if anyone has anything fun to send you out of kindness. In return if you are chosen, you must go find someone to give to yourself. Not that it wouldn't be nice to see everyone give and not worry about a return in the first place. Especially in today's trying times.

I join in on the thread as well in both giving and receiving end because its fun. I also think the more that join in to give makes everyone's Monday's a little less Monday. I got one a couple of Monday's ago from @taymatj and it definitely made my week better.

Some non sport mini's from Ginter is right up my alley.

The very underrated Looney Tunes cards from Upper Deck. 

Topps Strata hobby Eli Manning (hobby's card is thicker)

And finally what I considered to be a huge boom.....
Andre Williams /50 autograph patch. Beautiful card that was hard to capture on here as the light hit the angle of the picture I took wrong.

Thanks again to Matt for the mail day and as for the rest of you, I really hope you all join in on the fun!


  1. I've looked through the thread a couple of times, but as is always the case with these sort of things, there seems to be a lot more takers than there are givers. I feel like the only way to make one of these threads truly great would be to ban/block those that always hit these up for free stuff, and never give anything back in return.

    1. Good point. Would take someone monitoring the thread more. I just toss it up, I wouldn't have the time to watch for every name on it.