Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Breakin Wax:1995 Upper Deck Football 1-Pack Break

In my final break from my trade with @batcavelv, yes this has been dragged out for three months with all of the posts I am behind on, I am busting a pack of 1995 Upper Deck football. Love Upper Deck product especially pro licensed.

Upper Deck had many fun things to offer in the 90's from holograms to die cuts to foil Fx cards. Every pack you opened you knew something special was within.

This pack made me both happy to open and sad with the loss of Upper Deck NFL cards.

Enough with the Upper Deck rambling before this post turns into a book, let's see what the pack had!

In every pack of 1995 Upper Deck football, this is a retail pack, there was 12 cards per pack. There were rookies, veterans and one Silver Electric parallel to find per pack.

The base cards for the 1995 base set were great. Photography was amazing, no border and the name layout looked terrific.

My rookie find in the pack. I like when the rookies are slightly different designed than the base.

And my Silver Electric parallel was kinda ironic knowing the player and what team he played for. The photograph on this card is great too. Guess Junior showed Drew what the ground looked like on that sack.
Overall, nothing big in terms of pulls, but in terms of memories and fun, it scored an 11 on a scale of 1-10.  I definitely want to find more.

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