Thursday, October 8, 2015

Epic Trade Mail Day From Project Pedro Part 1:Lots Of Hampton!

Shane from Project Pedro blog and myself have become pretty good online friends sharing our card projects, new pickups, blogging, hobby thoughts and even putting together some pretty nice trades including this MONSTER of a trade I have been speaking about for weeks.

Now that I have finally got my camera/picture situation figured out, I can finally post my end of the trade that arrived on Monday.

As most know, I bleed NY Giants blue and am very passionate about football. One of the many players I collect of the Giants, is one of my all-time favorites growing up, Rodney Hampton. This is a new PC I have started in the last couple of months pushing my way to 97 different cards.

However, my total Hampton count was about ready for a huge bump in numbers. Incoming from this Monster trade would be a 110 card Hampton lot. ALL DIFFERENT. What I needed to do was find out how many I didn't have which turned out to be 71. That is a huge boost to my Hampton count bringing me up to 168/773. Still a ways to go, but I am feeling pretty good about where I am now.


With so many new pickups from this lot, I would have loved to shown them all off, I just chose out a few that stood out to me. 

Red Siege was a fun parallel from Score, Sportflix was always awesome and Playoff Illusions had a cool Bowman's Best meets Playoff design.

G-G-G-G-G-Unit! I mean, G-Force. That card to me means Giants Force. Some fun 90's inserts here. 

I had to show this one. I will call you crazy if you told me you didn't miss Upper Deck putting out great NFL cards like this. What a photograph! 


Cards just aren't like this anymore. What happened? Creativity carries a hobby. Cards printed with felt pennants and on genuine leather really make for great chases. 1998 Contenders football comes to mind as a set that will always be one of the coolest built. It included these two things along with autographs, parallels and so much more. 

I was pretty stoked that Shane picked these up for me. A big thanks goes out to him.

So far I have posted about the 1/1 printing plate of Andre Williams and this big lot of Hampton cards in the trade, but hold on, there is plenty more fun to go. #MonsterTrade.

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