Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ken Griffey Jr. # 700

I have long since passed the 700 cards threshold of my Ken Griffey Jr PC, but what I didn't do was post my 700th card that I had to make sure was an important one.

And boy in my mind did I make it a sweet purchase. Not only was it a Griffey card, but it's a piece of Yankee history as well.

Griffey hit his 361st career home run at Yankee Stadium in 1999 and on this card is a stadium seat to commemorate it. I always struggled when Griffey played my team as picking a side could be challenging. I usually went with, "let Ken hit multiple home runs but give the Yanks the win." Only way I could see the best of both worlds.

Here is a picture of the seat they used. So cool! Wished companies did this still.
I am already looking forward to trying to search something cool down for card #800. It most likely won't be an autographed card, but I promise it will keep your interest and mine.

Here's to #800!

Thoughts on Griffey #700 are appreciated :)


  1. Congratulations on hitting 700, that is a major milestone I am still short of by almost 200 Griffey cards. I always liked that Donruss included pictures of the gear they used to make the memorabilia card, modern companies should take a hint.